Two co-polys our customers can't live without!

Two poly's our customers can't live without!



"The string offers so much ball bite it will rip the felt off the ball!"

Rated #  1 in SPIN for 3 years ( T1 Firewire, a triangular shaped, new-generation, monofilament string, offers one of the best ball bites and spin potentials in the string industry. Exceptional tension stability and its crisp but arm-friendly playing experience makes this string the front runner for the competitive weekend warrior.

Who should try the string?

​Players who are used to playing with polyester strings.
​Players who are looking for extreme ball bite.
​Playing level: NTRP: 3.0-5.0, UTR: 2.5-9.5, (intermediate - advanced level)
​High level junior players from age 12 -15.

Ghost Wire


"As Smooth As Silk!"

ONE OF THE SOFTEST CO-POLYESTER STRINGS ON THE MARKET (based on lab tests by the United States Racquet Stringers Association)! Ghost Wire is designed for players who seek the benefits of a co-polyester string but at the same time look for an elevated soft, arm-friendly playing response. Its new-generation polyester compound ensures players of all levels ultimate durability, high tension stability and precise directional and depth control. Its round, slick surface makes it a superb choice for hybrid string setups!

Please note: You can purchase this string in a  super thin 19 gauge (1.10 mm). Lab tests reveal that the 19g is as soft as many 16/17gauge nylon/multifilament strings on the market!


Who should try the string?

​Players who would like to transition from a nylon/multi string to polyester.
​Players who are looking for an arm-friendly playing alternative but still want to enjoy the benefits of a poly string.
​All playing levels.
​Ideal for hybrid string setups!


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