"The string offers so much ball bite, it will rip the felt off the ball!"

Rated #  1 in SPIN for 3 years (stringforum.net). T1 Firewire, a triangular shaped, new-generation, monofilament string, offers one of the best ball bites and spin potentials in the string industry. Exceptional tension stability and its crisp but arm-friendly playing experience makes this string the front runner for the competitive weekend warrior.

Who should try the string?

  • Players who are used to playing with polyester strings.
  • Players who are looking for extreme ball bite.
  • Playing level: NTRP: 3.0-5.0, UTR: 2.5-9.5, (intermediate - advanced level)
  • High level junior players from age 12 -15.

  String Characteristics:




Spin Potential


Tension Stability

  String Specifications:

String Name: T1-Firewire

Gauges: 16g (1.30mm). 17g (1.25mm), 18g (1.20mm)

Length: Sets: 12.2mm/40ft, Reels: 200m/656ft

Color: Red, Black

Official Product Reviews:

The greatest string for spin!!!

"I am using this string for more than a year and will not change it. Gives great spin on my shots. Good price for a quality product."


Five Stars

"My favorite tennis string for me. Great topspin and tension. Use for Head prestige mid plus"

J. Halseth

Great string! As a fomer D1 college palyer and...

"Great string! As a former D-I collegiate player and now having a highly ranked juniors son, we both are playing competitively with T1-Firewire. Definitely worth giving this string a shot. We did... and now it is the string in all of our rackets."


Who are we?

We are a business specializing in high quality tennis strings. Our mission is to offer those products at affordable prices. We can only do so by running a cost efficient business which includes not paying outrageous marketing expenses to elite tennis players to advertise our strings.  Our growth rather comes from hundreds of positive posts and reviews at accredited tennis forums. We highly value the feedback from those tennis enthusiasts who validate the quality of our products daily.

Why Tier One Sports?

Tennis String Innovation:  

Our production team was able to develop a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness to most poly strings in the tennis industry.

Qualitative Lab Test Results Do Matter:

There are 2 fundamental factors that build a foundation for the quality of a co-polyester string: tension stability and string stiffness.  Having tested a great variety of strings from our competitors, we recognized the very limited number of strings on the market that perform well in both areas. Either the string is overly stiff or loses tension too quickly. 

Bob Patterson from the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association) provides their readers with a comprehensive list of tennis string lab test results for string stiffness and tension stability. Bob was kind enough to test all Tier One Sports strings as well.

To offer some insight into the quality of our strings we made sure to compare them to some of the "best", well known strings in the industry!

Tier One Sports T1-Firewire:

  • T1- Firewire 17g (1.25mm): String Stiffness: 221 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 13.85 (in)

String Competitors:

  • Babolat RPM Blast 1.26mm: Stiffness: 273 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.13 (lbs)
  • Luxilon Alu Power 1.25mm: Stiffness: 242 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.13 (lbs)
  • Head Lynx Edge 1.25mm: Stiffness: 181 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 21.59 (lbs)
  • Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.25mm: Stiffness: 212 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 15.41(lbs)
  • Tecnifibre Black Code 4 1.22mm: Stiffness: 199 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.42 (lbs)
  • MSV Focus-Hex 1.27mm: Stiffness: 220 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 16.45 (lbs)
  • Luxilon 4g 1.24mm: Stiffness: 249 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 13.30 (lbs)