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Our production team was able to develop a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness (arm-friendliness) to most co-polyester strings in the tennis industry. Those 2 characteristics build the foundation for a top-quality co-poly string.

​For Triumph, our high-end multifilament string (which is engineered with more than 2000 microfibres (16 gauge)), we spared no cost to develop a string that can compete with the highest quality in the industry.

6 Co-Poly Sets

MSRP: $53.70

SALE: $26.85


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This Package includes 6 Tier One Sports co-polyester string sets.

6 Co-Poly Sets + Triumph

MSRP: $66.65

SALE: $33.32


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This Package includes 6 Tier One Sports co-polyester + 1 high-end multifilament (TRIUMPH) string sets .

NOTE: 18g package is currently unavailable!

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Who Are We?

We are a business specializing in high quality tennis strings. ​We pride ourselves offering the tennis community with truly innovative tennis strings at very affordable prices.

Is the 50% discount a scam?

We understand your concern. With a thousand Facebook followers we can guarantee that we are a well established business with a proven track record in quality products and excellent customer service. ​ 

Why Tier One Sports?

Tennis String Innovation:  ​Our strings show top performances on and off the court​. ​Many of our strings have ​shown one of the highest tension stability lab test results (USRSA).  ​On the court T1-Firewire, for example, ​was ​rated ​#1 in the SPIN category on Stringforum for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why have I not heard about Tier One Sports?

Up to this point we heavily relied on word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. Their positive reviews made us believe that other tennis enthusiasts would be happy to hear about our products as well. So we decided to start a marketing campaign to reach more tennis fans like you - and we are glad you finally found us!

How good is the string quality?

Receiving social approval online is hard to come by. Only true fans of a product are willing to LIKE products. T1-Firewire received more than 300 FB likes from our customers!

Objective Test Results

All our strings have been lab tested by the United States Racquet Stringers Associations. The results speak for itself. Most of our strings show exceptional performance in tension stability and string stiffness. 

​T1-Firewire, Black Knight and Ghost Wire, for example, showed one of the highest string tension ratings for polys in the industry. Ghost Wire and Black Knight ​were ranked as one of the best polys in the "low string stiffness" category!


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6 Set Co-Poly + TRIUMPH Deal

PLEASE NOTE: Triumph is only offered in 16 and 17 gauge. If you order the 17gauge package we will add Triumph in 16 gauge. If you order the 18 gauge package we will add Triumph in 17 gauge!