6 Poly String Sets!

| Ghost Wire | Black Knight | Firewire | Tour Status | Durafluxx | Strike Force RIP |


MSRP: $53.70

SPECIAL: $32.22


6 Poly String Sets + TRIUMPH!

| Ghost Wire | Black Knight | Firewire | Tour Status | Durafluxx | Strike Force RIP | + Triumph |


MSRP: $66.65

SPECIAL: $39.99


Who Are We?

We are a business headquartered in San Diego, California, specializing in high quality tennis strings at competitive prices. Our friendly customer support is ready to assist players in finding their perfect string match which has resulted in thousands of satisfied customers!

Is the 40% discount a scam?

We understand your concern. With more than a thousand Facebook followers we can guarantee that we are a well established business with a proven track record in quality products and excellent customer service.

Why Tier One Sports?

  • Tennis String Innovation:  Our production team was able to develop a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness to most poly strings in the tennis industry (lab test results by the United States Racquet Stringers Association).
  • Our products receive exceptional reviews on major forums like "Tennis Warehouse"  and "Stringforum" for many years.
  • All our products receive  4.4-5.0  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  ratings on Amazon.
  • Our products are competitively priced: String sets at $8.95 | reels at $129. 
  • FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $29 in the USA.

What Our Customers Say About Our Strings:

Perfectly balanced

I always liked the quality of Tier One Sports strings but I think this is their best offering so far! I used to play national junior tournaments and now compete at high level adult tournaments. Control…check, durability….check, tension stability…check, playability….check!

Sebastian  //  Black Knight

Excellent string, very unique

"Great string! As a former D-I collegiate player and now having a highly ranked juniors son, we both are playing competitively with T1-Firewire. Definitely worth giving this string a shot. We did... and now it is the string in all of our rackets."

Hoi  //  T1-Firewire


Finally had a chance to string up my Head Speed MP with a 16g T1 Firewire. WOW. Insane ball bite. Not sure if this is even legal. Although the string felt pretty firm I still was able to generate enough pop. Durability and tension stability was great as well. Will be my go-to string in the future!

Steve  //  T1-Firewire

Advanced players string.

"Fantastic string for the price with great bite. A very nice balance of control, power, and durability for advanced players. If you are not an advanced player look elsewhere."

Amazon Customer  //  Black Knight

I tested Triumph side by side with Wilson NXT Tour because I was told that it plays similar to NXT. There is always a degree of doubt about the quality of a "no name" string.
Stringing was easy like any multifilament string. Hitting the first few balls, the string had a very smooth, soft response. I was able to control the depth of my strokes nicely. Drop shots and volleys felt great. Very good feel. But the string did not lack in power either. I was able to hit my spots at the serve and had a few aces. Although the string lacked somewhat in spin (especially in comparison to the new generation polys), I was able to generate enough for my kick serve and ground strokes. Durability: The string started to fray at around hour 5 and broke at hour 6.
I would highly recommend this string for anybody who like to play with an arm friendly multifilament string (like Biphase, Xcel, etc.) but does not want to pay $17 for it

Thetennisstringer  //  Triumph

Super soft co-poly

"This is a soft co-poly suitable for a wide range of players. Good spin, control, tension maintenance, and comfort. Want a soft poly, look no further."

Amazon Customer  //  Ghost Wire

Tier One Ghost Wire-Top Notch

"I absolutely love the string. This purchase included my 2nd and 3rd package. I believe that I will be using this string full time. Shipping was excellent. I'm a very satisfied customer with Amazon and Tier One Sports. Thank you"

Kelly W.  //  Ghost Wire


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6 Set Co-Poly + TRIUMPH Deal

PLEASE NOTE: Triumph is only offered in 16 and 17 gauge. If you order the 17gauge package we will add Triumph in 16 gauge. If you order the 18 gauge package we will add Triumph in 17 gauge!