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We are always on the lookout for distributors, tennis shops and racquet technicians who share our business philosophy that Tier One Sports is founded on (a. Top quality products, b. Competitive pricing, c. Friendly, personalized customer service). 

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With more than 7 years in business, Tier One Sports understands the importance of providing innovative products to our business partners' customers. In 2018, we had a breakthrough in string development that, as a Tier One Sports ambassador, will allow you to bring new, innovative string choices to your clientele. We base this statement not only on positive reviews on public tennis forums and sales channels like Amazon, but we can back those claims with qualitative data.

We hope to further spark your interest in our products by sharing with you that in 2018, our production team was able to develop a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness to most poly strings in the tennis industry. Both, Ghost Wire and Black Knight are rated as one of the softest co-poly strings with one of the highest tension stability on the market to date. The current interest in arm-friendly co-polyester strings and the exceptional overall performance of those strings has significantly raised the demand for our products. Here is a brief comparison from the USRSA lab test results:

USRSA Comparison Chart:

Tier One Sports:

  • Black Knight 17g (1.23mm): String Stiffness: 197 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 15.39 (lbs) 
  • Ghost Wire 17g (1.22mm): String Stiffness: 181 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 14.77 (lbs)

String Competitors:

  • Babolat RPM Blast 1.26mm: Stiffness: 273 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.13 (lbs)
  • Luxilon Alu Power 1.25mm: Stiffness: 242 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.13 (lbs)
  • Head Lynx Edge 1.25mm: Stiffness: 181 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 21.59 (lbs)
  • Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.25mm: Stiffness: 212 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 15.41(lbs)
  • Tecnifibre Black Code 4 1.22mm: Stiffness: 199 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.42 (lbs)
  • MSV Focus-Hex 1.27mm: Stiffness: 220 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 16.45 (lbs)
  • Luxilon 4g 1.24mm: Stiffness: 249 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 13.30 (lbs)