Durafluxx Set (40 feet/12.2 m)

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"Love the low powered feel - it gives me full confidence to hit out on the ball!"

New generation, low-powered copolyester/monofilament string. Ideal for players who like to make their own power and ask for added durability. The hexagonal string structure and Tru Recoil offer players with high racquet speed access to ​superior spin potential.

Who should play this string?

Players who ​are used to playing with co-poly strings.
Players who are looking for low-powered playing experience.
Recommended playing level: NTRP: 5.0-7.0 NTRP, UTR 9-16+ (advanced - high performance level).
High level junior players from age 16 and up

NOTE: Although we recommend certain strings to certain playing levels, we understand that tennis strings play siginificantly different in 18 gauge in comparison to 16 gauge. Thus, some strings recommended for high-level players might fit well for cometitive, recreational players at a thinner gauge (18 or 19 gauge).


Official Product Reviews

​The right string for me.

​"​At first it was difficult to wrap my head around the unique feeling of the string. It felt soft (I like to string my polys at around 52 lbs) but not lively. I was surprised how well I was able to control my aggressive groundstrokes and the amount of spin I was able to generate. I play the 16 gauge and as the string name Durafluxx already describes - exceptional durability for a big hitter like me."


​Perfect for College.

"​​I play D1 college and my coach just bought a couple of reels of Durafluxx 16g from you. He told me to give you guys some feedback on this string. First, I have to say I never played a string that felt that way. It did not give me the usual crisp sound that I am used to playing with poly. It rather had a more muted sound to it. Although I was not used to the low powered feeling of the string the overall performance was exceptional. Great control and ball pocketing. It really allowed me to take full cuts on the ball without ever having the feeling of hitting the ball too deep. Durability was better of what I am used from other polys we usually play. I would definitely recommend this string to any player who breaks strings and likes to take big cuts on the ball!"


Will get a reel.

​"​YES, thanks Tier One for sending me a sample of Durafluxx 16 g. Awesome string. It performed exactly as described on the package. Great control and durability, nice recoil which I very much like in a poly. Stringing was easy and for $9 a set I will be a buyer."