Strike Force RIP Set (40 feet/12.2 m)


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Strike Force RIP


"​A poly that plays like synthetic gut but with the benefits of a poly string"

​A new generation, monofilament string providing the ​avid tennis players with ultimate ball control. Players who seek the benefits of co-polyester will additionally profit from a uniquely, soft impact and a long lasting, superior playing experience. The string's pioneering rippled surface will deliver ample ball bite to the modern spin seeker.

Who should play this string?

Players who ​​want to transition from a nylon, synthetic gut string to poly.
​​​Players who are looking for an arm-friendly poly with a softer impact.
Recommended for all playing levels (please note the lower the playing level the thinner the gauge)
Players who are looking for a durable string option with added access to spin.
NOT SUGGESTED for players who are looking for a string that recoils (string will NOT snap back to its original position).

Official Product Reviews

Super soft.

​"As a 45 year male, intermediate player I was looking for a soft string with good ball bite and durability. This is exactly what this string provided me with. "


Never played a poly that felt like it.

"​​Fantastic feel for a poly. An excellent choice if you want to switch from synthetic gut to poly, as advertised by Tier One."



​"​I just can't believe this is a polyester string. The feel as well as durability and control blew me away! Thanks Tier One Sports for great customer service..."


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