Our Vision

We offer innovative, top-quality tennis products at highly competitive prices to the tennis community.

Our Believe

Tennis strings are a very influential component for the performance of a tennis player. Although the tennis string market is highly competitive, we believe the quality of our products can match or even succeed the best in the industry.

Our Story

Having played tennis from a young age, competing as a former Div. I college player, and having taught players at a high national and international level, tennis is in our blood. Through our tennis journey, we learned that besides working hard on and off the court, the quality of sports equipment could be a deciding factor in a player's performance. This sparked our interest in 2012 to develop quality, performance tennis strings at affordable prices and make them easily accessible to the general public.

2018 was a breakthrough year for Tier One Sports. Due to a significant increase in recognition in the tennis industry, we decided to expand our business from a "tennis string" business to a tennis product company. 

Because of trademark issues from the inception of Tier One Sports, we decided in late 2021 to apply for a new trademark name: TRU PRO. The approval of the trademark gave us the flexibility to officially sell a large range of products under the new business name including rackets, bags, and tennis apparel. 

Being The Underdog...

The tennis business is a very competitive industry. Tier One Sports understands that it is competing against big global brands that spend millions of dollars in advertising and product marketing. Of course, we will lose the "advertising battle," but we don't mind. Through rigorous product testing, we believe in the quality of our products (and our customers seem to do as well...). In addition, we pride ourselves in offering quick and friendly customer service as we are standing ready to give personalized tennis string and racket advice.

A big "Thank You" to Our Customer

We want to say a big "Thank You" to all the customers who supported us over the past years. It means a lot to us when we hear from a new, satisfied customer because we were able to connect them with the right equipment. We love the sport of tennis, and connecting with the tennis community is what gets us up every morning!